Mighty Mo Fiber Raceway System

The Mighty Mo Fiber Raceway provides an exceptional system for routing and protecting fiber optic cables and cords in today’s data centers, storage area networks (SAN) and large premise networks.

With 22 categories of ducts and fittings, and with many mounting options, the MM Fiber raceway can easily mount above racks and cabinets, below runway or cable tray, or below the floor and provides an easily accessible solution for any situation.

The MM Fiber Raceway System is flexible enough to use in telecommunications exchanges, data centers, universities, hospitals or anywhere fiber optic cabling is present.

This course will review the features & benefits, along with the options for duct and fittings that are available for MM Fiber Raceway system.

You will also learn about options for mounting the duct and tools that are available to make installation easier.


Website: https://go.bluevolt.com/Legrand/CourseDetail/Mighty-Mo-Fiber-Raceway-System-(public-course)/35166
Length: 60 minutes


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