Industrial Insulation II: Design Data Calculations

The pipes and installations in industrial plants often carry materials that need to be kept at a certain temperature for an optimal production process. Unless the pipes and installations are properly insulated, the proper temperature may not be maintained. And while placing the actual insulation onto the mechanics—such as a pipe, tank or vessel—is fairly easy; determining what type of insulation to use and how much—is not so easy. The focus of Industrial Insulation II will be on the process of performing calculations in order to determine the requirements/impact of industrial insulation.

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This course is accredited by: IEEE, USGBC, AHLEI, BPI, BOMI, CIBSE, ACORE, REEP, FIRE, AFE, CPD, IAAT, and FENITEL


Schneider Electric
Date: March 19th, 2010
Length: 45 minutes


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