Energy Rate Structures I: Concepts and Unit Pricing

Understanding the forms of energy used at a facility, and the rate structure for each, is key to understanding energy costs and implementing an energy efficiency program. By understanding what you are paying for energy, and how the rate structure controls your bill, you can adopt different strategies for reducing your energy costs. You may even be able to move to a different rate structure that is more cost effective for you. In this course, we will focus primarily on gas and electricity concepts and unit pricing.

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This course is accredited by: IEEE, USGBC, AHLEI, BPI, BOMI, CIBSE, ACORE, REEP, FIRE, AFE, CPD, IAAT, and FENITEL


Schneider Electric
Date: February 10th, 2010
Length: 45 minutes


Coordinate with Public Utilities
Energy Management