Efficient Motor Control with Power Drives Systems

In buildings, nearly three quarters of the electricity consumed is used to turn motors. For a typical motor, the lifetime energy bill is equivalent to 100 times the cost of the motor itself. The money invested in motors, is merely 1% of their total cost. And installing and maintaining those motors accounts for only 2% of overall motor costs. 97% of costs associated with motors are spent on the energy required to operate them. This course will provide an overview of power drive systems and motors along with insight on efficiency. This course will also cover, gears – types, efficiency and maintenance.

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This course is accredited by: IEEE, USGBC, AHLEI, BOMI, CIBSE, ACORE, REEP, FIRE, AFE, CPD, IAAT, and FENITEL


Schneider Electric
Website: http://www2.schneider-electric.com/sites/corporate/en/products-services/training/energy-university/energy-university.page?tsk=b942u&pc=13877&keycode=b942u&promocode=13877&promo_key=b942u
Date: August 17th, 2010
Length: 45 minutes


Building Systems
Energy Management
Facilities Operations and Management
Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Engineering
Operating and Maintaining Electrical and Mechanical Systems
Systems and Demand Reduction