2013 NFPA 13: Water Supplies and Design Approaches for Fire Sprinkler Systems Self-Guided Online Course

This module in the updated 2013 NFPA 13 Online Course Series highlights water supplies and design approaches for automatic sprinkler systems. Course 3 in the NFPA 13 Online Course SeriesWater Supplies and Design Approaches for Fire Sprinkler Systems — provides you with a greater understanding of the importance of water supply and the acceptable water supplies for sprinkler systems. You’ll learn about the different design approaches that are used to determine the volume of water required for sprinkler systems, as well as how to make adjustments to sprinkler areas of operation when certain conditions are present.


Website: http://www.nfpa.org/catalog/product.asp?pid=OL009&order_src=D448


Basic Requirements
Building Systems
Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Engineering
Infrastructure Systems
Occupant Interface
Operating, Maintaining and Testing Life Safety Systems