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Title Description Competencies
Evolution Floor Box Training

The New Evolution Series Floor Boxes. Learn why this versatile floor box is the only one you will ever need to order again.

Introduction to new Overfloor Raceway

Introduction to new Overfloor Raceway

Tele-Power Poles

Tele-Power Pole training.

Wiremold: DS4000 Designer Series Raceway

DS4000 Raceway meets the demands of today’s power and data cabling needs with increased capacity, unique profile and downward facing devices.

Wiremold: Fire Rated Floor Box

Learn about Wiremold’s Fire Rated Floor Box, including:

  • What is a fire classification for a floor?
  • What affects the fire rating?
  • What are the UL acceptable ways to maintain the fire rating?
  • What products does Wiremold offer to maintain the rating?
  • This course will als help teach you how to better see Floorboxes.
Wiremold PokeThru

PokeThru training on design, application, features and benefits, and installation of pokethru devices.

Wiremold: Walkerflex

Walkerflex Modular Wiring Systems offer cost-effective wire management capabilities for power distribution.