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Title Description Competencies
Fundamentals of Occupancy Sensors

This course provides a fundamental background on commercial occupancy sensors, including how to choose the right occupancy sensor, technologies, specifications, applications, and adjustments.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

This training course provides a comprehensive examination of GFCIs and includes the following main topics: GFCI theory (how it works), relevant National Electrical Code, Leviton GFCI products, a buyer’s guide, and GFCI wiring, testing and troubleshooting.

Leviton Energy Manager

This course begins with a video lecture overview of the Leviton Energy Manager. You will also learn the What, Why and How of sub-metering and explore the Leviton sub-metering product line.

Surge and Surge Protective Devices

This course covers voltage surges and surge protective devices. You will learn about surges and how they can be prevented, surge protective device technology, terminology, national and international standards, and Leviton surge protection products.

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

This course covers the following topics relating tamper resistant receptacles: A summary of the relevant changes found in the 2008 National Electric Code as they pertain to tamper resistant receptacles, an analysis of how tamper resistance receptacles work, Leviton’s tamper resistant receptacle product line, marketing support tools (for distributors), and answers to frequently asked questions.

Vizia RF+

This course is intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of the technology, products, system planning, and system programming of a Vizia RF + wireless home automation system. Special attention is paid to the planning and programming methodology, which prepares users to effectively layout and setup a system. This course utilizes audio narrated videos, as well as a case study format.

Wetguard Watertight Wiring Devices

Wetguard devices are designed for industrial applications where electrical connections are exposed to wet locations such as outdoor weather or indoor washdowns. This training course covers the Wetguard product line and includes a Wetguard overview, applications, features and benefits, and links to additional Wetguard resources.

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