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Mighty Mo Cabinet Course

Explore the features and benefits of Ortronics premiere cabinet, the MightyMo Cabinet.

Mighty Mo Fiber Raceway System

The Mighty Mo Fiber Raceway provides an exceptional system for routing and protecting fiber optic cables and cords in today’s data centers, storage area networks (SAN) and large premise networks.

With 22 categories of ducts and fittings, and with many mounting options, the MM Fiber raceway can easily mount above racks and cabinets, below runway or cable tray, or below the floor and provides an easily accessible solution for any situation.

The MM Fiber Raceway System is flexible enough to use in telecommunications exchanges, data centers, universities, hospitals or anywhere fiber optic cabling is present.

This course will review the features & benefits, along with the options for duct and fittings that are available for MM Fiber Raceway system.

You will also learn about options for mounting the duct and tools that are available to make installation easier.

Mighty Mo GX Cabinet

Learn about Ortronics new free standing mid-range cabinet line, the Mighty Mo GX. This training will review features and benefits along with options available.

New Itray Cable Tray Overview

Introduction to the new Itray Ladder Tray from Legrand Cablofil. It’s the newest addition to the PW Line of cable tray products. It was designed with many value-added features to streamline the engineering, purchasing and installation of cable tray. Itray replaces our current C-Channel aluminum 4″ to 7″ side rail height ladder tray line. Our current Heavy- Duty, 8″ and 10″ sidewall height Long Span tray will still be offered as before.

OptiMo Connector Field Termination Course

Learn how to properly terminate an OptiMo fiber connector onto a 900 micron, tight buffered fiber.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the tools needed for termination
  • When given a list of termination steps, be able to put them in the correct chronological order
  • Identify two key steps that are often done incorrectly in the field
  • Explain required testing for a horizontal link/channel
  • Explain required testing for a backbone link/channel
OptiMo High Density Fiber Solutions

Learn the key features of each of the products in the Ortronics high density product offering. This includes the high-density FC enclosure, adapter panels, Momentum M4 cassettes, and the 48-fiber splice tray.

Pass and Seymour: GFCI Training

This course will discuss the use and need for GFCI devices and their application. You will also learn about the features and benefits of P&S GFCI devices.

Pass & Seymour Boxes and Fixture Supports

P&S Slater Boxes and Reiker Fixture Supports Training

Plugtail Training

P&S Plugtail device training. Learn about labor saving devices that increase contractor productivity and help get contractor’s off the job quicker and increase profits.

P&S Flexcor Wire Mesh Grips

P&S Flexcor Wire Mesh Grips

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