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Title Description Competencies
Snow and Ice Melt Systems Webinar

This seminar provides a fundamental understanding of the snow and ice melting design process and the types of control systems which are used.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the six primary benefits of SIM systems
2. Give examples of SIM systems for residential, commercial and institutional applications
3. SIM Design Process
i. Choose system requirements, find required design output, size heat source
ii. Select pipe size, pipe spacing, circuit length
iii. Determine flow rates for the circuits and the entire system
iv. Determine head loss through the piping network
v. Select the circulator
4. Select control strategy
5. Estimate annual operating costs

Where is Radiant Now? Webinar

This one-hour webinar will provide an in-depth look at the current state of the radiant industry. Participants will gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that today’s radiant industry is filled with.  During the webinar, Michael Geagan will: Describe the state of construction in the US and where does Hydronics/Radiant/Green Technology fit in? Discuss the opportunities that are emerging in both residential and commercial markets: New, retrofit and remodel construction. Identify new product trends and techniques that make radiant easier and more affordable than ever. Explain IAPMO’s role in legitimizing and working towards structure in our Industry and how that benefits all.

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