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FAS Power

Prewired Wiring Assembly Training. With FAS Power, much of the electrical assembly is completed in advance, dramatically cutting project completion times and saving a minimum of 50% in labor costs.

Wiremesh Cable Tray Training

In this course, you will get a quick look into how easy it is to work with Cablofil’s wire mesh cable trays. Whether it’s data, communications or electrical cables, Cablofil’s wire cable trays integrate the office, communications closet, under-floor, and in-plant installations with one simple, adaptable management system. Learn how Cablofil wiremesh cable tray can increase productivity and save contractors time and money on their projects.

New Itray Cable Tray Overview

Introduction to the new Itray Ladder Tray from Legrand Cablofil. It’s the newest addition to the PW Line of cable tray products. It was designed with many value-added features to streamline the engineering, purchasing and installation of cable tray. Itray replaces our current C-Channel aluminum 4″ to 7″ side rail height ladder tray line. Our current Heavy- Duty, 8″ and 10″ sidewall height Long Span tray will still be offered as before.

PW Ladder Overview

In this course, you will learn different types of ladder tray, two rail configurations, and bottom types, typical system parts and accessories, as well as which material to use in various application environments, discover how NEMA ratings work, and a guided tour of a product label.