Federal personnel are required to:

  • Demonstrate ability to work in integrated project teams (e.g., Facility Managers, Building Operating Engineers, Planners, Contracting Officers, Contractors, Occupants) to execute, small, medium, and large projects.
  • Demonstrate ability to:
  • Follow Project Management processes and procedures per your organization’s preferred methodology (e.g, ISO 9000, PMI, WBS, in-house system)
  • Conduct needs assessment and define project requirements
  • Estimate costs and develop project plan and project timeline
  • Develop project communications plan
  • Obtain any required project permits
  • Develop project accounting procedures
  • Ensure regulator compliance
  • If project will be completed by contractors, demonstrate the ability to:
  • Develop Scope Of Work (SOW) and the Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • Work with procurement team to select contractor
  • Review contractor plans
  • Work with Contracting Officer on all contract administration requirements

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