Enterprise Knowledge and Strategic Decision Making

Federal personnel are required to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of “continuous retuning” and the potential savings represented by a governmentwide shift to this operating mode (e.g., A 10-30% reduction in electricity use across Federal facilities represents a savings of between $700,000 million and $2.1 Billion annually in 2009 dollars).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the national security role that Federal Facilities play (e.g., housing Federal Departments and Agencies for operations, training, disaster response, and energy/resource use).
  • Demonstrate knowledge and ability to drive a “Change Management” process (a structured approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state).
  • Demonstrate knowledge and ability to move from the "operational" (the who and when of things getting done) to "tactical" (what we do) to the "strategic" (why we do what we do).
  • Demonstrate ability to strategically allocate all forms of “capital” (e.g., human (people), physical (facilities), economic (money), and environmental (land and resources)).
  • Demonstrate ability to provide decision makers with better information about the total long-term costs and consequences of a particular course of action.
  • Demonstrate ability to participate in the organization’s strategic planning at the executive level in order to translate between the organization’s missions and its facilities portfolio and clearly communicate how real estate and facilities can support these missions.

There is no course related to this competency.