Energy Management

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Vizia RF+

This course is intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of the technology, products, system planning, and system programming of a Vizia RF + wireless home automation system. Special attention is paid to the planning and programming methodology, which prepares users to effectively layout and setup a system. This course utilizes audio narrated videos, as well as a case study format.

Best Practices and Innovation, Building Automation Systems, Building Exterior, Building Interior, Building Systems, Design, Energy Management, Facilities Operations and Management, Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Engineering, Infrastructure Systems, Systems and Demand Reduction, Technology, Technology Solutions
Wiremold PokeThru

PokeThru training on design, application, features and benefits, and installation of pokethru devices.

Building Interior, Design, Energy Management, Facilities Operations and Management, Infrastructure Systems, Operating and Maintaining Electrical and Mechanical Systems, Systems and Demand Reduction
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