Welcome to the Federal Building Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) Industry Training and Resources website.  Here you will find information from the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical equipment industries, as well as fire and electrical safety information.  Training resources are organized by the core competencies laid out in the FBPTA.  Click the competency you’re interested in below, or use the tabs throughout the site to search for specific training resources.

Business, Budget and Contracting (Courses: 3)
Budget Formulation and Execution (Courses: 3)
Contracting (Courses: 3)
Life-Cycle Assessment (Courses: 3)
Total Cost of Ownership (Courses: 3)
Design (Courses: 84)
Infrastructure Systems (Courses: 77)
Planning (Courses: 28)
Energy Management (Courses: 62)
Assess Initial Conditions (Courses: 11)
Commissioning and Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) (Courses: 8)
Coordinate with Public Utilities (Courses: 7)
Planning, Project, and Program Management (Courses: 12)
Systems and Demand Reduction (Courses: 43)
Facilities Operations and Management (Courses: 185)
Building Exterior (Courses: 33)
Building Interior (Courses: 64)
Building Systems (Courses: 165)
Other Facility Systems (Courses: 35)
Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Engineering (Courses: 161)
Best Practices and Innovation (Courses: 49)
General Building Maintenance (Courses: 10)
Operating and Maintaining Electrical and Mechanical Systems (Courses: 113)
Operating and Maintaining HVAC Systems (Courses: 36)
Operating, Maintaining and Testing Life Safety Systems (Courses: 18)
Leadership and Innovation (Courses: 8)
Communication and Administration (Courses: 0)
Enterprise Knowledge and Strategic Decision Making (Courses: 0)
Innovation (Courses: 8)
Personnel (Courses: 0)
Performance Measures (Courses: 4)
Acquiring Data (Courses: 3)
Establishment and Implementation (Courses: 3)
Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (Courses: 0)
Project Management (Courses: 1)
Closeout (Courses: 0)
Execute (Courses: 0)
Initiate (Courses: 1)
Training (Courses: 0)
Safety (Courses: 70)
Basic Requirements (Courses: 61)
Contract Management (Courses: 0)
Infrastructure (Courses: 31)
Occupant Interface (Courses: 32)
Sustainability (Courses: 22)
Background (Courses: 18)
Implementation (Courses: 16)
Regulations and Requirements (Courses: 15)
Technology (Courses: 89)
Building Automation Systems (Courses: 15)
Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) (Courses: 0)
Technology Solutions (Courses: 76)
Water Efficiency (Courses: 3)
Regulations, Goals, and Best Practices (Courses: 0)
Water Audit (Courses: 0)